My Memories of Ingrid Bergman.

Abu Yotam

As a boy my movie stars were very clear to me, they were called "The Marx Brothers", but being all desist by that time, my only dream of meeting a movie star was concentrated on Mowgli and Baloo. So when I got a one-time opportunity of meeting a movie star in flesh and blood, I almost overlooked it entirely.
It was 1981 or maybe 1982 and I was a 7 going on 8 years old boy living in Jerusalem, not a city with a great star random meeting potential.
However, my parents had a friend whose husband, Mr. M., was a well-known figure in the Israeli local movie business. He was a man with some steep bohemian manners who got a peculiar gift of talking every given audience into the gravest possible outcomes of boredom. Never the less, thanks to him I got the rememberable experience of meeting the legendary Goddess from Stockholm.
One sunny day, Mr. M. took us to see a shooting site of a TV movie he was involved in, a film about the dame named Golda Meir, who was known for her unique shoe's style, lifeless garments, poor cooking as well as for her political career.
The shooting site was The Jewish Agency main office building on Keren Hayessod St. in Jerusalem; a very impressive building which was decorated with some anti-bullet sand sacks which were part of the shooting settings.
We were all about to enter the building to have our look around when a hushing sound was heard. It seemed as though everyone stood still and looked at one point behind me. Naturally I did the same and looked backwards wondering about it. And there she was, walking towards us, an old lady wearing a funny looking toupee smiling with an evident embarrassment, trying to avoid a direct cross-glancing as she was entering the safe grounds of semi darkled building. As she passed us, my mother has leant at me, and asked, "Do you know who that lady is? That’s the famous actress Ingrid Bergman!" I didn't know anything about her at that time but considering the reactions of the people around me I was sensitive enough to be impressed.
Golda Meir turned up to be Bergman's last acting role as she has died the next summer. So I can hardly say that our meeting was a beginning of a beautiful friendship, still I have grown to love her movies and keep a worm part of special respects for her role in Casablanca which was the nourishing ground for my most loved Marx Brother movie – "A Night in Casablanca"

Taken for the Utata Iron Photographer 23 task.
A photo which Includes three elements:
1 - something liquid
2 - a weapon
3 - shot in a noir style

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