Iron Photographer 237: The radish berry tree

Thiophene_ Guy

I always thought radishes look like tasty fruit.

Utata's Iron Photographer challenge 237 asks for these elements:

1 - a bit of wood (pear tree branch with leaves)
2 - a vegetable (radish, beneath strawberry stems)
3 - cross processing (simulated Fuji sensia)

Technical Trivia
Bright red anthocyanins of radishes and bits of strawberry flesh beneath the leaves were chosen to blend imperceptibly, covering the white spot on the trimmed radish. Topaz Restyle blended the native color palette with one from a blue-tinged, cross-processed Kodak Ektachrome 1600 image I admire, transforming the background into a color resembling sky blue. Final processing with Piccure plus (free trial, maximum quality setting) sharpened leaf edges, enhancing perceived contrast.

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