IP249 | Messeplatz, 01.03.2017 09:46:09

Martin Suess

In a German inner city you can’t walk 5 minutes without seeing one of those small brown bottles with green cap somewhere on the ground, in a cellar window, by a tree or on a windowsill (on the outside of course). It seems it is as important to place them somewhere strange as it is to consume them while walking outside.
The small bottle was created by a grandson of the inventor of the Underberg digestif bitter. I think the idea was that the content of 20ml would be exactly the amount you would like after a too heavy meal. Nowadays they are sold at any supermarket checkout and at small kiosks (often named "Trinkhalle", the translation of which is easy to guess), and I would be heavily surprised if the buyers have digestive problems.

So I was expecting to find one on my morning run, and I started to look for a spoon. To my delight I found one only 3 steps away. All I had to do was to kick the spoon closer to he bottle and to take some quick shots. I managed all of that in one 120 sec. rest period between running cycle 3 and 4 of today’s interval training.

I processed one of the shots on iPad with snapseed to shift colors and add an unreasonable amount of grain and other nonsense.

For UTATA Iron Photographer 249:
1 - a spoon
2 - a bottle
3 - obvious grain or noise

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