Iron Photographer 25

Now we find ourselves face to face with the 25th iteration of Iron Photographer. That's right...IP, the Silver Anniversary. So here we go, the elements for IP 25: 1 - something silver 2 - something dead or dying 3 - text The first element, something silver, really means something that appears to be silver. We're not going to assay the thing to determine if it's actually silver. We will also accept photographs that include the Lone Ranger's horse, but only with certification. The second element is something dead or dying. My guess is that most folks will select a plant, but it's your choice (so long as no laws are broken and there is no cruelty to living things involved; in other words, you MAY NOT stab your annoying housemate with a silver fork and blame it on Iron Photographer). The final element, text, means words and/or numbers should be included in the final image. Whether you include something written IN the photograph or whether you add something written TO the photograph is up to you. The text doesn't have to have any particular meaning. It just has to be text.
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