stirred not shaken

barbara ender

another effort for utata ip 258, for which the requirements are:
1- A weeny bit of liquid
2- A childish thing
3- The colour turquoise
I've been eyeing a bottle of gin in the Coop ever since Christmas because it is presented in a lovely turquoise tin with holes in the sides and I thought it might make a nice candleholder, but then didn't buy it because I'm not really a gin drinker. Anyway the ip pushed me over the edge so now it is all mine. And the gin is much better than I'd expected. Background is a piece of Thai silk in turquoise-green. The glass is for Akvavit and contains a ridiculously small amount of liquid - barely two mouthfuls. The liquid is lemonade with gold flecks floating about in it. I stirred it up with a miniature chupachup lolly.

Thinking this will do for the weekend project, too.

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