Iron Photographer 26

Here are the elements for IP 25: 1 - a key 2 - something old 3 - close up The first element is a key. You can take this literally or metaphorically. If you go the metaphoric route, we'd appreciate it if you can offer up a convincing road map for it. When we say something old we're referring to something that has existed for a long time. I know we're going to be asked to define 'a long time' (hell, given past IP experience, we're probably going to be asked to define 'exist'). So let's just say 'old' means something at least 20 years old. BUT the old thing cannot also be the key. You can have an old key, but the key must have a separate existence from the old thing (there's that 'exist' again). The final element, close up, should be fairly self explanatory.
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