barbara ender

for utata iron photographer 263
which requires:
1. Something burnt/burned
2. Fingerprints
3. Natural light

The words "something burnt" triggered a memory of the time long ago when I had a Filofax. In it I stored pictures cut out of magazines of things I liked, and one was of a large artwork on a dark grey wall in the lobby of a London hotel. It was a gold-painted board with rows and rows of slices of burnt toast stuck on. I thought I could make one for myself if I could find a way of preserving the toast for posterity. My fingerprints here will give you only a very vague idea - and there must have been at least 112 pieces of toast (the Filofax and picture have long disappeared, and google searches of burnt toast only bring up pictures of Jesus or Mary). Well, as I had to have something burnt for this ip, I made a frame by burning round the edge of the paper. It was taken outside in cloudy sunlight.

I've got rid of most of the black ink from my finger but it seems to be stained light blue.

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