Trip Packing - Iron Photographer 268 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

The night-light's shadow
Seen every day after dark
Had to capture it

1. A list (photography packing post-it)
2. Something with a strap, or straps (camera bag with unicorn pin)
3. Artificial light (a single night-light)

This chair sits in the bathroom, and is used mainly to safely hold an iPad outside of the bathtub, for the viewing pleasure of one taking a bath.

When not in use, it sits over by the night-light, and whenever you walk into the bathroom at night, this night-light turns on and stays on for a bit.

It's a fun show, and the shadow it casts is mesmerizing, especially when you're half asleep.

Fiddled with the angle of the chair, the light, keeping things in the frame, taking things out. I think this is about as clean as I could get it without moving it to another room. But then it wouldn't be the same.

It needed to be in situ.

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