barbara ender

For utata ip 269 which requires:
1. Stacked things
2. Something that produces a good sound
3. Backlit

For this, I absolutely wanted to do a stack of pikelets. We can't buy them here so I looked up some recipes and they were all more or less the same, easy as pie. Well, what came out are not pikelets, but American pancakes masquerading as pikelets (they are good but not what I want). Pikelets are more bready, paler, thicker, spongier with bigger holes, and you have to toast them. You then put butter on and it melts and sinks all the way through, down to the plate. Maybe they go by another name outside north Yorkshire. Well never mind, now I have a stack of pancakes for tea.

The thing that produces a good sound is a string of green shells that tinkles nicely in the wind.

Noting this for the future:
That's it, they have yeast in.

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