Rusted Emptiness

Jeff Stewart

Utata ~ Iron Photographer 272

... we must venture out into the challenging world of Iron Photographer 272

1. Something rusty
2. Something glittering or sparkling
3. Analogous colour scheme

The first element, a rusted something, was suggested by someone who was revising for a twelfth grade chemistry test. The object does not have to be entirely rusted, it can be as small as a nail or as giant as The Angel of the North.

The second element, a glittery something, was coincidentally suggested by a different someone who was also revising for a twelfth grade chemistry test (they both looked like they needed a change of focus) the glittering or sparkly thing can be as small as a single dewdrop or as big as the nighttime skyline of Shanghai. Glitter away to your heart's desire. Sparkle, my darlings, sparkle.

The third element, an analogous colour scheme, refers to three colours which are grouped together on the colour wheel. For example: blue, turquoise, green. Now obviously including rust might make it hard for you to pull off those particular colours... Bwahahaha!


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