Phantom Phin - Iron Photographer 274 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

The orange Swedish Fish
Strong caudal fin memories
Now a passing ghost

1 - Something Fishy (Tasty Candy Fish)
2 - Something Fragile (A glass fishbowl)
3 - Minimalist (Maybe not egg-simple but...)

I'm vegan. And I love Swedish Fish. So I decided to go with the story that this Swedish Fish really misses his back fin, but the ghost of it still lives on.

I dropped dozens (dozens!) of Swedish Fish into this container, clearing the water out regularly to keep it happy.

I was pleasantly surprised when one of the bubbles in the wake of the dropped fish actually looked like a caudal fin. Wow!

Hopefully I kept it simple, and my minimal photo editing work doesn't detract from the image.

Also, fun fact: Swedish Fish is a trademark and it's capitalized as shown.

Also, another fun fact, this is from the Tropical series of Mini Swedish Fish. The flavor is completely unlike the regular red ones you're used to. Mmm...Tropical!

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