22 of 365: Art

Malcolm Matthews

"The first art was paintings of cows in caves. The cows didn't live in the caves, so when cavemen wanted to look at a really good cow, and it was cold outside or raining, they needed to do one on the wall, which was nearly as good, but not quite. This is where the idea of art not being quite as good as the real thing comes from, and you can see this to this day. For example, if you try and eat the painting of an orange on the label of a jar of marmalade, it doesn't taste as good as a real orange, it tastes of paper, and that's art".
(From Cunk On Everything, Philomena Cunk)

For We're Here! who are enjoying Face Down Tuesday

Also for Utata Iron Photographer 276
1. Orange
2. Drawings
3. diffused through something semi transparent

With thanks to V for the drawing

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