Oh, the Places You'll Go! - Iron Photographer 279 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

I love irony
An orange shot in my bedroom
I have gone nowhere

1. something spherical-ish (Cutie!)
2. a screen (Fuji X-T2)
3. a title inspired by Children's Fiction (Dr. Seuss)

I volunteer at my local library, and every year, there's a Volunteer Celebration. We generally get a book, usually signed by the author, but when I had an opportunity to snag the special edition of Dr. Seuss's "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" I decided that was the best choice.

Now, I've read it before - obviously - but I've never cracked this copy. It sat on the shelf looking pretty. Until today....

It works great as a paperweight, and I knew it would be perfect in the shot.

I worked very hard to fiddle with leading lines and make sure there weren't any bad tangents.

I also shot this with my iPhone handheld, because I needed a "screen" and I figured my Fuji's would be ideal, and I'm clearly a masochist.

I love the fact that you can shoot full-on RAW with iPhones these days, and pull them directly into Lightroom for full 16-bit editing. This means the BRIGHT ASS GLOBE actually has an edge. I tried (for fun) in JPEG and it didn't work. That's fine.

RAW shooting is the bomb!

Oh, also, the "banding" in the backdrop is actually not banding: it's the flip-side of the white paper, a colorful grid, peeking through.

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