facing up to it

barbara ender

for utata ip 287 which requires
1. Something you put on your face
2. Something you might find in the trash
3. Sepia toned

I put on my face the beeswax-based anti-age cream in the little jar which was sold to me by a girl from Crete on a market stall in Lausanne.
In the background is a bacchanalian mask which I could put on my face if I wanted to but I don't (souvenir of the winegrowers festival in Vevey)
In the foreground, a number of washable soft cotton tawashi sponges I have been making to replace cotton wool disks for removing makeup from my face and eyes.
The two squeezed lemon halves are destined for the biodegradable trash but I could find them in there if I came back later today.

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