My Wedding Ring 3

Jeff Stewart

Utata ~ Iron Photographer 290

The elements for Iron Photographer 290:

1 - a single piece of jewellery
2 - worn incorrectly
3 - Film Noir mood

The first element a single piece of jewellery is pretty self explanatory; a ring, an earring, a bracelet. I have to be honest this was inspired by Lady Hale's sparkly spider brooch and if you happen to see Brenda Hale, Baroness Hale of Richmond hanging around you should ask her if you could borrow it... and offer to buy her a drink, although she and RBG are probably too busy planning their roles in the next Mad Max sequel.

The second element worn incorrectly refers to the previously mentioned jewellery and is a little more open to interpretation. I mean since when did I set myself up as the Utata sartorial advisor (answer: since Martin mentioned his Mickey Mouse T shirt). The point is the ring cannot be on an actual finger, the earring can't be on an ear, Lady Hale's spider broach would worn by B. Johnson, you get the idea. It doesn't have to be worn by an actual body if you find an inanimate object that you want to embellish then go ahead.

Finally make it look Film Noir. Think of Fritz Lang, Otto Preminger, Robert Siodmak. You know the mood, walk down some mean streets, only don't get mugged with Lady Hale's brooch.

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