IP297: Dawn of the Dead

Thiophene_ Guy

Dawn of the dead: Barricaded in house? Check. Fearfully guarding entrance? Check. Undead monsters? Well... unextinct, Perhaps this is too Jurassic Park-y?

This project asks for:

1. A Chair
2. The Colour Purple (inverse of green)
3. Titled from IMDB 100 Greatest Cult Movies list

I didn't have a purple shirt available, so I imagined designing a negative, thereby inverting the color while darkening highlights. Thus I generated a high key, partially overexposed image. To this I added a macro photo of an old toy dinosaur which, being white, should invert without funky color cast. I inverted the photo then discovered I had employed the color scheme for pigments rather than RGB, so my yellow shirt and pocketed kerchief became blue. Hue rotation gave the necessary purple color.

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