the angel in the corner

barbara ender

For utata iron photographer 300 which requires:
1. Knives
2. Curves
3. Favourite Style
"Food" filter on my camera, and reflections - let's say these are among my favourite styles.

Today, I decided to clear out a little corner of my apartment where I stack gift bags - I don't like to throw them out but just stash them behind the rain stick, and admittedly they look a bit of a mess. Well, as soon as I moved them, out flew a white feather. I have absolutely no idea how it got there, where it came from. But it reminded me of another time, when I was working, and I lost two sheets of slides belonging to a photographer. I was in a real panic about them, because I had to send them back, or we'd have to pay compensation; slides were precious things. I had searched several times through all the drawers in my desk, the files, the cupboards in my office, everywhere. Then one morning, I came into the office and saw a white feather on the floor in front of my desk drawers. Something clicked, I went through all the hanging files again, and there were the slides, stuck between some belonging to another photographer. I honestly thought that my guardian angel had been to visit.
So now I think he has been back here again, keeping me safe during this confinement.

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