jamelah e.

This amber pendant was a gift from my friend Stacy, given to me a few years ago because I love love love amber jewelry and Stacy was a peach. It has been one of my favorite pieces of jewelry since she gave it to me, but now that she's gone, it's become one of the most special things I own. I wear it often, especially on days when I need a bit of a boost; it's a good luck charm.

Anyway, this photo was an adventure, and I had no idea it was going to be. But I had to move the chair, then I had to lay on the floor (I wanted to shoot it from a low angle and it's a short chair), then I had to move a light, then the light wouldn't stay on, so I had to hold the plug in the extension cord with one hand while shooting this with the other hand. So it's a little fuzzy, but oh well.

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