Iron Photographer 32

Here, then, are the elements for Iron Photographer 32: 1 - something from the refrigerator 2 - something from the bathroom 3 - photographed in the bedroom I think all three elements are pretty self-explanatory. But I'll explain them anyway. It's what I do. The first element, something from the refrigerator, refers to some thing that you have removed from any self-regulating thermally controlled cooling unit over which you exercise control. Do NOT remove stuff from other people's refrigerators. We're talking about things normally found in that unit, not something you stuck in for a couple of hours and removed. That same logic applies to the second element, something from the bathroom. We want something you normally keep in any bathroom over which you exercise control. Again, you probably shouldn't remove stuff from some other person's bathroom. Unless you can do it without getting caught. Finally, we want the photograph shot in the bedroom. The place where you usually sleep. If you have trouble figuring out where that is...well, we have no advice for you (but we'd like to hear your stories).
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