Iron Photographer 33

he elements for Iron Photographer 33 were inspired by the recent Sunday Salon on Brassaï: 1 - shot at night 2 - dramatic light source 3 - black and white The first element, shot at night, is abundantly clear. You can tell it's night because the sun has set. If the sun is out, it's not night. We don't care if you shoot the photograph inside or outside so long as the sun has passed below the horizon. The second element, dramatic light source, is the most ambiguous one. You'll have to decide that for yourself, but it won't hurt to take a look at some of Brassaï's work. Finally, we want the photograph to Brassaï be in black and white. We don't care if you shoot black and white or if you make it black and white in post-processing. How you get it to be black and white is entirely up to you.
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