Slow and steady wins the race

Simi Shonowo

Paddling may be slow but it gets you somewhere...

A wise person seasoned an matured with time (wise) says to the younger hasty one (hasty): Will your being in a hurry make things move faster?
Hasty: It does seem to move faster
Wise: Will the increased risk to your health and physical safety be worth the hurry?
Hasty: Well er...
Wise: Is it a race, a competition, or a goal?
Hasty: My goal is to get there.
Wise: If you could possibly die or fall ill doesn't that take away from the goal?
Hasty: Hmmm. Well if I do not hurry, what can I do then?
Wise: Relax take a breath and remember your goal ... slow and steady wins the race. Winning the race is achieving your goal.

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