barbara ender

for utata ip 338, which requires:
1) a thing that grips
2) a thing dangling from the thing that grips
3) shot in natural morning/evening light

The early morning sun shines through my blinds and makes patterns on the walls, ceiling and door.
I've been wanting to include these tongs in a photo for a while; they are a simple pliable strip of curved bamboo which I stole from a hotel breakfast room a year ago (during restrictions, when we had to avoid touching things - they were for helping oneself to toast or pastries and at home I find them useful for getting toast out of the toaster without burning my fingers).
I had to wrap the chains a few times round the end of the tongs to make them short enough to include everything at arm's length, and when I'd taken the photo I must have relaxed my grip because they all fell off into a tangled heap on the floor. It took me half an hour to unravel them all.
I had made other attempts with different subjects but had forgotten about the "dangling" element.

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