Pitcairn Island

barbara ender

This is a book called Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands: fifty islands I have not visited and never will, by Judith Schalansky.

I actually know some of these islands, not because I have visited them, but because in my working days, I had to produce literature for cruise ship passengers to inform them about shore excursions (to entice them to pay for guided tours ashore). Pitcairn Island was one of my favourites because it has an interesting history; the worst, which is not in this book, is Isla Catalina off the south coast of the Dominican Republic. There is absolutely nothing there, and it has no history whatsoever, but ships such as Costa rented it and ferried people over to snorkel or sit on the beach, visit the souvenir shop or endure the unremitting attentions of hawkers. Sadly, I was not allowed to write anything negative. Now there is TripAdvisor to warn people of what they are letting themselves in for.

This is a belated Utata ip 340, which requires:
1) a map
2) a shadow
3) old
The shadow is my sunhat. (I was in UK when this ip ran, there was no sun and so no shadow.)

I like to know there is a place called Oh Dear.

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