Iron Photographer 35

Here are the elements for Iron Photographer 35: 1 - communist hair 2 - a reflective surface 3 - sepia The first element, communist hair, might need a bit of explaining. It's a term coined by our own Jamelah, who defines it as "wild and unruly and pretty much always fighting some sort of revolution." It doesn't have to be YOUR communist hair. We're not going to check the hair's provenance. It doesn't even have to be human hair. It could even belong to a wig. The important thing is that it looks like it's willing to take to the barricades. The second element is a reflective surface. That's pretty self explanatory. We don't care what the reflective surface is. A mirror. Water. A window. Nor do we care what's reflected in the surface (with the usual disclaimer about nudes if you want to post the photo in the group pool). Finally, we want the image to be sepia tinted. I think that's pretty clear.
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