Iron Photographer 36

For Iron Photographer 36, we will have something that could be said to be Revolver-related: 1 - the color white 2 - a writing instrument 3 - title from a Beatles song The first element, the color white, is a tad misleading. White is actually achromatic and not a color at all. But you know what we mean. White. Any shade of white. White must be a major component of the image, but we don't care what sort of component. Background, an object, a decoration, a scratched surface...up to you. The second element, a writing instrument, should be fairly self-explanatory. It's an instrument used to create writing. A pen, a pencil, a get the idea. A hammer and chisel would work if you're dealing with gravestones, although that would probably be two instruments. Finally, we want the title of the photograph to be a Beatles song title. We don't care what title, or what album, or what bootleg tape, or whether it was written by Lennon/McCartney or George Harrison or Ringo, or whether it was written by somebody else and just recorded by the Beatles. A Beatles song title. If you need help with this (and lawdy, who wouldn't?) be glad we live in the era of Wikipedia, which has a handy Beatles discography.
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