Iron Photographer 37

the elements for the next bout of fun are as follows: 1 - a hand 2 - applied tape 3 - intense color I think we can all understand the first element, a hand. We're talking about the gripping implement commonly found at the working end of the human arm. In its standard form, it consists of four fingers, a thumb and a palm. We mean a human hand...not a paw, not a forefoot, not a claw. A hand. The second element, applied tape, shouldn't be as abstruse as it initially sounds. By "tape" we mean a strip of material designed to adhere to a surface. Not audio tape, not video tape...tape that sticks. Applied tape is tape that is actually adhering to something. In other words, we want the tape stuck to something, or something stuck to the tape. We want to see adhering taking place. We don't care what sort of tape you use, only that you make sure its involved in some sticking. The final element is intense color. Powerful color. Deep, extreme, super-saturated, acute, passionate, keen and ardent color. How you achieve that intensity is up to you.
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