em BEL lishment

Fleur-Ange Lamothe

First, my first New Year's Eve remembrance.

I think the year was 1953. I was in my crib and my mother tucked me in and said, "See you next year." Well, actually she said, "Je te verrai l'annEe prochaine."

And I replied: "Mais je ne veux pas dormir si longtemps." That is, "But I don't want to sleep that long!"


I have had this Christmas ornament since 1976. It was hand-made by one of my students from my short stint teaching in high school. I have put it up every year, except this year. We have a tiny live tree this year. So I unwrapped it, for the Iron Photography project!

It is the eggshell from a chicken's egg, with the side not showing, cut open in an oval shape. Inside is a snow-covered scene of Santa and a deer.

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