Fear no more ...

Sezgin Ismail

For Zebbie cat who died today.

His mother Molly, a very tiny white cat with tortoiseshell markings on the tip of her tail, was rescued by my five year old daughter. Once recovered from poor nutrition and a heavy parasite load, Molly produced three litters in quick succession despite our best efforts to keep her confined to the house. Zebbie was the only survivor from her second litter and named Zebra because of his stripy tabby coat. Very cute and lovable and always very much of a house cat who never wondered far from the garden, he loved to go to sleep on our backs while we slept. He got very growly when we tried to move in our sleep. He had a way of curling up in the middle of a busy passageway or at the top of the stairs, so we had to watch our step carefully. He always kept us company out in the garden or in the stableyard.

Last night, when I got back from work I found him dead on the drive. We think he was mauled by uncontrolled Alsatian dog also seen eating my cockerel by builders in cottage across the lane.

I will miss Zebbie terribly ;-(((

Utata IP 53. The elements are:
1 - a curved piece of wood
2 - something white
3 - made to appear old

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