21/365 - A Strong Invasion Force Starts with Good Dental Hygiene

Jeremy Sloan

Utata is a common ground in which openly gay men who typically shoot full-frontal male nudes can mingle comfortably and discuss photography with ‘women of a certain age’ who prefer to shoot hand-knit sweaters. It is a social structure that resists provocation and disruption remarkably well, by (at worst) simply and gently reminding its members from time to time that they are expected to be polite or, (more often) by defusing tense situations with a bit of silliness. It is a main course of snark, otters, art and velociraptors with cake for dessert. It is artistic collaboration without overt competition or an expectation of conformity. It is emotional support, sympathy, angst and good-natured ribbing. It is a classroom of equals where everyone shows up willingly, engages fully and self-grades. It is a set of challenges that grows with its participants, and actively brings them together.

Utata is a unique convergence point of diverse talent, influence and civilized discourse within Flickr. Utata is what Flickr wants to be when it grows up (and I mean that in the kindest possible way, with no snobbery intended, I truly do).

Utata is the Ten Thousand Things.

Utata grounds us. Utata sets us floating upwards.

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