31: Gone with the Wind

Susan Ann

For FGR and Reimagined Movies.

Utata Iron Photographer 56:
1 - a shoe
2 - something that begins with the letter R (rocks or redhead)
3 - with the title of a movie that won an academy award for Best Picture

I am SO GLAD I get to pick up thrift store prom gowns and dress up all pretty for things like this :-D I have no other reason to do so :-D

I FILLED a 2 gig card for this shoot. The whole thing I shot in HDR triples, hoping that I'd turn out in a regular exposure and I'd use a dark one to bring out the drama in the clouds. No such luck. This ended up being a dark exposure. So I fake HDRd it to get me and the shoes a little lighter, while keeping the clouds all detailed.

Made Explore for 9/9/08. Highest I've seen was #37

Finally been in the Utata Pool for more than 30 days (since I had it in 5 other pools already) so now I can add this to 365 Explored :-D

Desktop wallpaper at work 9/10-9/16

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