One of a kind

Ken Lunders

Since most of what I read now is on my Kindle, and that wouldn't really work for this IP, I searched for my copy of Steinbeck's Travels With Charlie. I couldn't find it. I guess I loaned it out or gave it away. I'm not sure which. I feel a personal loss in not finding it here and hope it has a good home.

I like Forest Gump too. Not as much as Steinbeck, and in a different way. I first read it before the movie with Tom Hanks was made. I liked the movie; thought they did a great job adapting the book for the screen. Of course the book is much better. Isn't that usually the case?

The Wheat Thins? Well, I like to nibble them when I read on the Kindle. Not so much when reading printed books. Most of the time when I read a book I'll have a glass of water or cup of hot chocolate. I suppose I could have used one of those instead but I like the box colors more.


Shot for Iron Photographer 60

1 - A favorite book
2 - A favorite thing to eat or drink while reading
3 - A favorite style of photography

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