67: Le Compte de Monte Cristo

Susan Ann

For Utata IP 60
1 - a favorite book
2 - a favorite thing to eat or drink while reading
3 - a favorite style of photography

Favorite book: The Count of Monte Cristo. I had to read this for 10th grade English. Only we read the abridged version. Also, our teacher made a handout that we had to fill out as we read it to help us all keep the characters straight. My DREAM copy of this is hardcover, unabridged, and in the original French. I'm settling for an unabridged, softcover, English version for the time being. I really should re-read this sometime instead of just PRETENDING to read it ;-)
Favorite drink: tea. In my Timmy Ho's mug :-D This particular brew is Republic of Tea Wild Berry Plum :-) I LOVE Republic of Tea tea. :-)
Favorite style: Using as long of a lens as I possibly can for any given situation ;-) I'm a BIG fan of telephoto, not so much of wide angle.

Yashica 50mm f/1.7

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