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Phillip Chee

a favourite book — O'Reilly was one of the first book publishers that understood the Internet and the underlying Unix operating system that was used to build it. So it's no surprise that they popularised the Linux book market when Linux became the de facto operating system of the geeky | hacker types. I have over two dozen O'Reilly books so it's the publisher that I like here.

a favourite thing to eat/drink while reading — Pastries. I have sweet spot for them.

a favourite style of photography — Polaroids. Or in this example, Fuji Instant Film. I may have bought the last boxes of Polaroid peel-apart film in my town this past spring as no one in town seems to have anything but Fuji. The cool thing with Polaroid peel-apart is that it can be used in film backs made for medium format and 35mm cameras.

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