Ken Lunders

Both sides of my family are European. My father's side is Flemish, from before the area his grandfather was from became a part of Belgium. Belgium isn't noted for windmills and wood shoes but dad loved both and picked up the small pitcher when he & mom visited the area.

My mother's side is British through & through. On her mother's side were some of the first settlers in Alameda, California. But this was after vast tracts were taken via Spanish Land Grants, and shortly after California had become United States territory. It was a transitional time and there were almost constant law suits & violence related to property ownership. Anyway, the book details some of the history of Alameda and mentions my ancestors involvement in its development.

For the long story, drop by & we can go have a beer or two while we talk. Or lunch. Lunch is good.


Shot for Iron Photographer 83

1 - Something that reflects your heritage
2 - Used paper
3 - Negative space

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