Moonframed leaves 1

Thiophene_ Guy

Utata Weekend Project: (Nov 15th to Nov 29th) Leaves

Using only the tone adjustments in Lightroom gave either detail in the surface of the moon or a notion of the wispy clouds nearby - but not both. I would rotate this counter-clockwise and crop to make it more dramatic, but my inner Neil Degrasse Tyson would feel guilty about showing the moon in the wrong orientation.

Why is it orange? The white moon actually has a spectrum very similar to the sun, but it is less bright. When the slight overexposure is reduced in Lightroom, the blown-out moon turns orange. This is probably because the moon was low in the sky and has the same explanation as for the sun appearing red at dawn and dusk: light travelling from the source (moon) to your eye passes through a thicker layer of air than when overhead and much of the blue light is scattered before it reaches you.

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