Luck... Or A Blessing

Mark Krajnak

For the Utata Weekend Project Lucky Or Not

Growing up Catholic, and an athlete, I didn't think about luck so much ways of Divine Intervention. Step into the batter's box, bless yourself. Shooting free throw, bless yourself. Wear a medal of your patron saint for personal safekeeping. Taking a trip? Have St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, nearby. All about staying on the good side of Divine Intervention.

But really, does God care if I get a hit, make that free throw or if my team wins the World Series? He's got bigger things to worry about no? Or what about the guy next to me? Maybe he's praying harder.

In that case, best just to have that lucky horseshoe to tip the scales in my favor. Ends up, though, so that the luck doesn't run out!

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

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