Nant Y Carred mailbox in wall Wales 07

Karen Christine Hibbard

From the archives. One of the themes of my visit to Wales in 2007 was looking for traces of my ancestors and maybe finding third cousins or so. When my great grandfather visited his brother and sister at his parents sheep farm in 1913 he kept a journal. In the journal he outlined the journey to the sheep farm. Ship porting at Cherbourg then Southhampton, train to Cardiff then Aberdare, bus to Penderyn then car to Nant y Carred farm near Ystradfellte. I found it and visited with a wonderful woman who now owns it. I imagined my Great Great grandparents there. It was high up in the Brecon Beacons. astoundingly beautiful. Their mailbox was still in the wall. Their outhouse in the back.

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