This Bitter Earth

Maureen Bond

This Bitter Earth

if my life is like the dust

That hides the glow of a rose

What good am I
Heaven only knows
I'm sure someone

May answer my call

And this bitter earth

May not be so bitter after all

You leaving the game of life
So here it is, another chance
Wide awake you face the day
Your dream is over... or has it just begun?

A doorway that I run through in the night
It's a place where you will learn
To face your fears, retrace the years

If you open your mind for me
You won't rely on open eyes to see
The walls you built within
Come tumbling down, and a new world will begin

That gun is loaded, but it's not in my hand
Meet on the ledge,
When my time is up,
I'm gonna see all my friends,

Take the light, and darken everything around me
call the clouds and listen closely

I'm falling' down, but I'll rise above this,
I'll mend myself before it gets me

Embrace the darkness in which I swim

We´re nothing
We´re everything
Wisdom lights up life´s road

sinking down to the bottom
only god knows
holds on to the promise
final moment
life and death,
we won’t rest
dust and bones

Clock keeps turning
Can you hear the sign?

Oh the comfort invested in my soul
and eyes like wild flowers
within demons of change
you find happiness there,
May all your hopes all turn out right
looking out at this happiness
all I was searching for was me.
Keep your head up,
keep your heart strong.

Did you see the closing window?
Did you hear the slamming door?

A soul set free to fly
you can be the guide but...

I- will be watching over you
I- am gonna help to see it through
I- will protect you in the night
I- am smiling next to you....

Find warmth in the middle of the night.
trying to find anything you can feel that you can believe in

May god's love be with you
May god's love be with you

If I find my own way
How much will I find
I don't know anymore
What it's for
I'm not even sure
If there is anyone who is in the sun
Will you help me to understand
'cause I been caught in between all I wish for and all I need

I'm falling down
make me feel

I have no skin

Rise with the sun
now there is no sin in anything
I love life

I understand when they say we're born again 'Cause I feel born again
I'm born again and it's amazing

it's glorious
It's life changing, this feeling is amazing

It's in the stars, in the sun

We are one and it's amazing
it will be every day

And this bitter earth
May not be so bitter after all

(Words and thoughts were taken from these songs on the back of the album.)

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