Gulliver's Island | The 3 flying O'Shannassys | Inner Sleeve #2

Martin Suess

The 3 flying O'Shannassys Biography (Part 3)

The following years saw about 10 great recordings, several tours and 16 official brake-ups. Reasons included ex-girlfriends of one brother getting the new girlfriend of another, the tv program, musical differences, broken guitars and banjos, doing the dishes, the Queen Mom, the premier league (again), wrong usage of Shakespeare quotes, otters, hair cuts, that ex-girlfriend again, Oasis and the death of Kurt Cobain.

Needless to say that the enthusiastic fan base was annoyed by all those brake-ups and the times without new material from the band. One of their fans who earned ridiculous money in Silicon Valley found a cure: with a significant donation he started a foundation to fund new records of T3fS, with an interesting clause: Three month and three days after termination of the band all the remaining money would go to the Gallagher Brothers (the well known enemies of the O'Shannassys).

So far it works.

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