Adam English Bio

Beckett Gladney

Adam English is the whirling electron to Rand's stable nucleus-- no wait, I guess Rand and Adam are the nucleus of the band, so that would make Adam the proton and Rand-- what's that other thing? A gluon or something, probably. Adam sings, plays guitar, keyboards, accordion, and trumpet.

Adam is a caricature artist. He managed caricatures and other art concessions at a Six Flags for 17 years, and continues to make fun of people's faces for a living on a freelance basis.

Adam also writes and performs music about being a professional caricature artist, which you'd think would really appeal to other caricature artists, but for some reason seems to be more popular with the non-caricature drawing crowd. Adam has been the featured performer at the last two National Caricaturist Network conventions.

Adam loves cartoons, live-action superheroes, cats, science fiction, breakfast cereals with anthropomorphized cartoon spokesanimals, and Joanne. He hates sitting still, email, three-tined forks, malls, and yo mama. Nooo! Actually Adam thinks your mom is a really nice lady. I think it's Yo Yo Ma he hates.

Rand feels the need to point out that the answers are 52 and Frankie Banali.

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