axel stevens

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I was waiting, wasting my time and I was standing on the narrow bridge that spun the canal near the A2 highway viaduct.That's when, from afar, I saw the kayak approaching.I thought that it would make a great picture if I could portray the kayak and it's occupant just as they crossed the bridge.The kayak approached rapidly and instead of coming towards me, the kayak approached the bank of the canal and the man got out of the kayak, got his boat out of the water and hastened himself away towards the viaduct.I practically ran after him and kinda shouted at him.He turned, kayak in hand, and while I pointed my camera in his direction, I was crouched down, asked him if he'd mind if I took a picture or two.

The idea behind this picture is the following : " I will go to places whom , in my opinion, look alien to human habitation or hostile to human presence.These places can be abandoned factories, viaducts or vacant plots of land, wastelands even, and I wait till some passer by or passers by turn up.I then ask these people if they want to pose for me and I explain to them the philosophy behind the photos.The project's working title for now will be : "Out of Place".

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