New old camera

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An Agfa Super Isolette that I got a good deal on because I promised to use it and not sell it until I had at least a couple of hundred other cameras. Taking pictures with it is definitely fun, though I haven't finished the first roll yet, so can't say how they'll turn out.

Summary of the history and an interesting technical bit: It was made in Germany sometime in the late 50s, no meter, but features a rather ingenious LVS shutter that is vaguely similar to modern exposure modes - once you pick a shutter/aperture combination (what the meter does for you normally), you can change the shutter and aperture in tandem, maintaining the same exposure value (e.g., 125@f/11 changes to 250@f/8).

This was apparently briefly popular in the late 50s, but died out fairly quickly as built-in meters and automatic exposure modes were introduced, though Hasselblad continues to use the system today.

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