PT14: The Island of the Dead

To participate in Picture This #14, you'll have to create a photograph (or up to 6 photographs) that you wish to pair with the title The Island of the Dead. Tag your photos with utata:project=pt14 . Please also title your photos "The Island of the Dead." The most important rule about PT submissions is that they MUST be new photos, directly inspired by the title. What we really want you to do is have the title in your mind and go out and make a picture for it. We don't want you to search your stream (or your stash of yet-to-be-uploaded photos) for an image that fits the title. Which, if you happened to have one this month, would frankly be a little bit disturbing. To recap: Read the title, dream a picture, shoot the picture. That's it! May the force be with you (and with me)! Let your imaginations fly wild, surprise us all, and most importantly, always remember: don't feed the dead guys.
PT14: The Island of the Dead has 30 entries.
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