All the Old Faces

axel stevens

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Shot with the requirements for the Picture this May 2008 project in mind.

The photo is taken in the very old café "Koophandel" (the name means "Merchandise" in Flemish/Dutch ) in the town quarter known as "Noeveren" in the town of Boom ( whitch lies in the province of Antwerp, Belgium ) Noeveren is where the old ovens and sheds from the brick making industry of the 19th and 20th century are situated.The region around Boom and Niel is famous for it's brick making industry and clay pits.The whole surroundings are now protected heritage and there is a museum onsite.Practically everything from that era has been preserved.Till this day, some of the old workman's cottages are still being inhabited.It's like stepping back in time.I think that the brick making stopped in the late sixties or early seventies of the 20th century.

So I came by this charming café (remember i'm always on foot or on my bycicle) and started to think (not a good sign mind you...) I was kinda hesitant of just walking in and take pictures but I just did.I stepped through the door of the small cafe, introduced myself, stated my purpose (taking photos) and asked specifically if anyone objected (if someone had objected, I had not taken the photographs) but no one did.I ordered a coke, sat down for a while, listening to the men talking, and then started taking photos.AS I am mostly taking photos outdoors, it's not easy to get my exposures, aperture and shutter speeds right from the first time.
`But, I'll definetly go there again.

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