Final Diary of a Time Traveller

Rachel Irving

It's funny that you can't see the bell from this angle. When we were staying with them Dad got into trouble (mainly with Mum) for encouraging the kids to ring the bell in the church tower; because it should only be rung in the event of emergencies, as part of a church service, or when someone has died.

After this year's Easter Service the metal bar at the top of the bell broke during the vigorous ringing. Lol heard about it from Yaya on the phone, "someone could have died if it had fallen" she said with nine year old drama. Yesterday she had a great email from her Yaya describing the many men (Father Seraphim the Priest, Theoris the charcoal burner, roadworkers, who happened to be in the village and possibly others I've forgotten) and a plastic chair up a ladder, on the rain wet roof trying to remove the bell. Yaya was very worried, but everyone made it down alright, including the bell which has gone away to be fixed.

These were taken in very low light one evening from Dad's window.

I'd avoided processing them because from that angle the bodies were all cut in half by a giant white cable crossing in front of the church, which I finally got around to cloning out. They were playing tickle tag with Ellene, and something about her apron seemed to suggest old fashioned sepia and grain.

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