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Phillip Chee

...and an Iridium flare (Iridium 70) and the ATV, a.k.a. Jules Verne. And a couple of airplanes. The ISS was a bright -2.2, the Iridium -2.0 and the ATV was -0.7. The ISS is the bright trail in the centre of the image. The Iridium flare is angled across the ISS just left of centre. The ATV is in a higher altitude as it crosses into the Summer Triangle mid-way between Vega and Altair. This is a stacked image comprising three 3 minute exposures covering a 15 minute period from 8:27 PM EDT and 8:42 PM EDT. When I checked Heavens Above earlier this week I noticed that these three satellites would be in the same area of the sky during this time and I made plans to create this shot. Pretty cool. If I could have done this again I would have upped the ISO to 800. Hindsight is 20/20. The order of appearance: the ISS was captured in the first exposure covering the last 3 minutes of its flight; the Iridium flare appeared about a minute after the ISS disappeared during the second exposure; and the ATV during the 3 minutes of the last exposure. There was a 3 minute gap between the second and third exposures because I didn't use that exposure in the final image.

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