122: small, boundless, triumphant

Susan Ann

For Utata Picture This: January 2009 and International Change Your Stars Week (ICYSW)

4 years ago, my brother and I pretty much had to fight tooth and nail to get our first cell phones. I had already gone through events where it would have been REALLY USEFUL if I'd have had a phone. 2 years ago, I was living in Virginia when my parents renewed our family plan. I never got a new phone on the new plan. My parents also stuck with the very basic plan. Making phone calls only. No txt, no pix, no internet. Or "There'd be hell to pay!!"

Today, my parents have dropped their cell phone lines (lack of use) and the account has been transferred over to me. I still need to figure things out and give my brother more access, but that's a project for Not Today. So now, my brother and I have new phones, of our own choosing, a new plan, including unlimited txt, and no fear about needing to use the internet when we have to. We're splitting the main bill down the middle and anything over, whoever did it is going to pay for it.

So now, when I need to be away from a computer for hours at a time, but I really can't be off of e-mail that long, I can check my e-mail. Eventually I'll upgrade my line with the VZN Navigator so I can have maps at my finger tips, but I don't need that so much at the moment.

But how this fits into Changing my Stars? One more apron string has been cut from my parents... :-)

Vivitar 28mm f/2.5

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