146: The Last Two Hundred Years

Susan Ann

Ok, so, Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial this year... The Library of Congress is having a big Lincoln Exhibit now through May (and then it'll travel to 5 different cities in the US...) and there's a Lincoln Symposium on March 4th. I've talked to my Aunt, so I have someplace to stay, and I'm heading down there in... a week and a half or so! This is the companion book to the exhibit, In Lincoln's Hand. Wonderfully scanned images of stuff Lincoln wrote :-D So I'm reading it over and over and over again until I go down :-D

I thought it was only fitting to have all the 200s correspond ;-)

Of course, all the other stuff I forgot! For Utata Picture This 26. And ITBAW's International Random Acts of Kindness Week. I haven't had too many opportunities to show random kindness. Like a few weeks ago, I helped a girl wrap a framed collage at the post office, 'cause it was bigger than she could handle herself. Yesterday it was just holding doors open, or making eye contact, smiling and thanking people for holding doors for me!

Asanuma 35mm f/2.8 @ f/5.6

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