separation anxiety

Kim Denise

For Utata's Picture This #3. The assignment: to create an image for the title "Separation Anxiety."

For Meeralee--an explanation:
I couldn't come up with anything clever for this title, so I scrolled through my organizer until some images came together. The idea of a transparent yet very real barrier appealed strongly to me--I think we've all had those times of separation from the experience of our own lives. Plath laid claim to the most apt metaphor with The Bell Jar, but I think flowing water evokes it as well. Why two faces? It just looked better--and resonated with those aspects of ourselves that can become so alienated from one another.

Of course, with time, the anxiety goes out of the experience, and it becomes just another phase of growth, welcomed because of the surpassing sweetness of that inevitable coming-together-again. At this stage in my life, I'd say this image is more about incipient emergence--like a chrysalis lying patiently on the river bottom--rather than separation. Everything evolves.

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