The Day After The End of the War

Meera Sethi

1) I had a decluttering fit when I got home today and went through a dozen old envelopes of film photo prints in my closet in an attempt to throw out things I didn't want to keep (I tossed 90% of what was in there; I'm ruthless that way).

2) I wanted to scan some from the pile of keepers I made, but when I tried to do that my 7 year old scanner made a stuttering, guttering noise of doom as it tried to move across the first photo. Three times. (I tried shaking it; that didn't help.) So I put the scanner in the pile of clutter I was de-ing myself from.

3) If this were a movie, there would be a shot of me caressing my long white beard and frowning, followed by a quick cut to this week's Picture This title. Then back to me with a lightbulb over my head.

4) Voila.

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